Pangolin aims to help companies and individuals who are working to improve the world and our lives find the visibility and recognition they need to make an impact. We partner with social enterprises, non-profits, impact investors, public agencies, triple-bottomline companies, or mission-driven companies, and help these changemakers do well as they do good.

As the world moves towards a value-driven future, brands are moving to understand and act not only in their own but also in the world’s best interest. Purpose-Driven Marketing helps such companies inform and engage their audience to drive growth, even as they drive positive change.

In a world where purposeless, loud, incoherent marketing has made the voice of most companies part of the white noise, we are here to help you be heard, and reach the right hearts and minds.

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Short Version:

Pangolin is Avani’s brainchild. She likes helping companies that solve real problems and aren’t in the market just to make a quick buck. She has spent over a decade in marketing with multiple stints as CMO for technology brands.


Long Version:

Let’s start in the past. No-one knows where and when Avani was born. It’s a mystery many set out to solve but were never heard from again. What everyone does know is that she was born a genius, because that’s what she tells everyone. As a child, she was small. Then, a lot of things happened and she grew up. Then she started working, and after more things happened, she started a career in marketing. Eventually, she found Shashank and they went around looking at birds and trees and bugs. Then they quit their jobs and named their company after a mammal that eats ants. It made sense to them.


Back to the present. She does the creative stuff at Pangolin. Sometimes people think she’s surprised, but she isn’t. Her eyes are just that big naturally. Her excellent marketing acumen becomes instantly clear to anyone who reads her bio, which is devoid of any mention of work experience or career achievements.


If you run into her in person, offer her ginger tea to calm her down.

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Short Version:

Shashank has spent 10+ Years as a consultant and head of marketing to start-ups and growth stage companies. He is passionate about wildlife conservation. 

Long Version:

Let’s start in the past. If you told Shashank when he was a child that one day he would be telling companies how to run their show, he would totally believe you. His ego has only grown larger over the years. After awarding himself with several degrees, certificates, and awards because no-one else would, he set out to take the world of marketing by storm and rise to the top. Give it some time, it could still happen, anything is possible. One fortuitous day he met Avani and they rode around on his motorcycle for a bit because he thinks it’s cool and he never learned to drive a car. Some years later she said something about starting a company but he wasn’t listening and kept nodding his head, so here we are now.

Back to the present. He does the analytical stuff at Pangolin. His major skills include playing with puppies, speaking non-stop without letting anyone get a word in, and successfully living in India whilst having no interest in cricket.

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