So Are We.


  • Unlike conventional businesses, social enterprises don’t possess flexible budgets. Pangolin leverages innovation and ingenuity to help you make a bang with your marketing initiatives.

  • Where regular enterprises primarily measure profit and growth as measures of success, we understand that social enterprises measure social impact, sustainability, and the capacity to scale. Your marketing needs to be geared to help you achieve these.

  • We get your market to respond by ensuring your potential consumers know you exist, why you exist, can form a connection with your purpose, know what value they can get from you, and are willing to pay a price (which might not be money).

  • Social enterprises trade in the market for a purpose. Pangolin markets this purpose to help their trade.



  • We understand how complicated things can get when you need to convince not only contributors to the mission but also the beneficiaries.

  • Pangolin views marketing through the social lens. It aims to create communications that bring about a voluntary behavioural change in the audience that is in their best interest and meets your mission’s goals.

  • Your brand can help your stakeholders unlock your mission and values. We help you define your promise, who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

  • Public confidence is a huge factor in your success. We help you engage donors, funders, volunteers, beneficiaries, and the general public.



Give your investees the best chance of success by bringing Pangolin with you when you enter a new venture.

  • Pangolin helps social ventures maximise their reach, and therefore their impact.

  • Pangolin frees your investees from marketing, positioning, and branding worries and allow them to focus on their mission, which is what they do best.

  • Your investments bear returns when business development spend is planned carefully, and results are reported in objective terms linked to growth. If your financial reports show risk, returns, and impact, then your marketing reports should be no different.

Bring your fund to the market the right way, and make sure your brand and its promise reaches the right people.

  • Stop depending on LPs to find you or waiting for serendipitous meetings. Build a marketing plan that is also a strategic plan to attract investors.

  • Reach investors who match your intentions.

  • Reach investees who match your fund's mission.



  • Right-minded customer and investors cannot find you unless you’ve cast a wide enough net and made your business practices clear. Bring Pangolin in to drive awareness about what a B Corporation is and the rigorous standards you’ve committed to.

  • Consumers want to see genuine, long term commitments to do the right thing. Pangolin views marketing as a vehicle to build this trust, and not just a way to drive publicity possibilities.

  • You’ve committed to an employee-centric culture. It’s time to build an employer brand that top talent is attracted to.

  • We understand the need to institutionalise your values, culture, processes, and high standards into marketing systems and processes.



  • Make your mission a core part of your marketing communications. Pangolin’s creative story-telling helps you create a genuine, deep connection with your customers.

  • We understand that your mission statement needs to become the foundation of marketing processes and systems, and not just the messaging.

  • Conscious businesses consistently outperform the market because customers care. Pangolin helps these customers find you.

  • Purpose-Driven Marketing changes the people who want to work for you, and the people who want to invest in you.